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Criminal Lawyer in HoustonThe severity of a drug arrest should not be lost on you. Call (713) 487-5134 to speak to an attorney.

Speaking with a Houston, TX drug lawyer from the Taylor Law Firm should be enough to convince you that a conviction for one of these offenses carries not only heavy fines and a suspended license but also significant prison time and repercussions for the rest of your life.

At our firm, we are dedicated to trying to mitigate the negative circumstances that could potentially result from this type of charge.

We will not only fight to reduce the punishment you may receive, we will actively try to have all charges dismissed. We know the best outcome is completely putting this situation behind you, so we will be sure to work for a plea agreement or a verdict that results in a not guilty or minimal punishment. We understand that sometimes a person ends up in an unfortunate situation that is out of their control. We want to work to get you back on track and free of this arrest.

If you have been arrested in Houston, TX, the Taylor Law Firm will fight for you. We are happy to meet with you and discuss your case for free at an initial consultation. To protect your rights and get more information, call the Taylor Law Firm.

Clear Your Criminal Record | Expunctions

Having a criminal charge on your record can drastically interfere with your life. But there’s no need to worry, a criminal record expunction treats the charge as if it never happened.

This means that if the court grants your petition for expunction, all the records of your arrest and what you were charged with are destroyed. Because everybody’s situation is different, contact us today to see if you’re eligible for an expunction.

We can also get your record sealed with a Petition for Non-disclosure if you have successfully completed Deferred Adjudication. Even though a person’s case has been dismissed after the completion of Deferred Adjudication, it still remains on their criminal record as a charge, UNLESS you get your criminal records sealed.

Eligibility: Expunctions

You may be eligible if you were:

  • Arrested for a crime but not formally charged.
  • Acquitted by a judge, jury, or Criminal Court of Appeals.
  • Convicted but later Pardoned or later found to be innocent and released.
  • A victim of identity theft.
  • If you successfully completed a qualified Pretrial Intervention Program.

Petitions for Non-Disclosure

You may be eligible if you:

  1. Successfully completed Deferred Adjudication.
  2. The applicable waiting period has passed (if applicable).
  3. Have not been charged with any new crimes.
  4. Have not been on DADJ or Convicted of certain serious offenses.

*All four requirements must be met for eligibility. Call Attorney Rasheed Taylor at (713) 487-5134.

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