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An auto accident on one of Houston’s roadways can impact your entire family. The emotional and physical injuries can last for a lifetime. Add to that, the loss of a vehicle, medical bills and lost wages, and it’s easy to see how one car wreck can be life-changing.

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car wreck attorneyMost car accidents are caused by one driver’s negligence or failure to drive in a reasonably safe manner. However, when a judge finds one party responsible for the accident, that party can be made to compensate you for your damages. At the Taylor Law Firm, we strive to ensure that you are fully compensated for your injuries.

Houston and Auto Accidents

Houston has some of the world’s busiest freeways. Trying to navigate your way around roadways like I-45, 610, and I-10 can be frustrating…and dangerous. Instances of road rage, distracted drivers, and outright dangerous drivers are not uncommon in Houston. And our ever-expanding rush hour means that you need to learn to deal with bumper to bumper congestion and shifting traffic patterns.

It’s no surprise that the Texas Department of Transportation records over 55,000 car accidents every year in Harris County. Almost 9,000 of these accidents involve some type of serious injury, and a significant number of Harris County auto accidents involve drunk drivers.

Taylor Law Firm – Houston Car Accident Attorney

If you have been injured in an auto accident, then it is important to remember that you don’t have to face this situation alone. At the Taylor Law Firm, we completely understand all of the risks faced by drivers in Houston. We know that you have medical bills to pay and other financial worries that were caused by the accident. We will fight to ensure that you are compensated to the full extent of the law for your damages.

The Taylor Law Firm has years of experience with personal injury law as it relates to auto accidents. If you have been in an auto accident, then call our office today for a case evaluation (713) 487-5134.


Drugs and Alcohol are responsible for thousands of accidents every year in Texas. Driving ability can be seriously impaired by OTC medication, prescription medication, illegal drugs, and of course, alcohol. If you are a victim of an impaired driver due to drugs and alcohol, we can help you recover damages for your injuries.

Distracted Drivers

Texting, updating your Facebook status, falling asleep, searching for a new radio station, or just not paying attention…these are just a few examples of how distracted drivers can be deadly on the Houston freeways. Every driver has a responsibility to maintain vigilance while operating a vehicle. A distracted driver who causes an accident can be held legally responsible for their actions and made to compensate you for your damages.

Dangerous and Aggressive Drivers

The traffic laws are there for your safety. Many dangerous drivers ignore the speed limit, change lanes without signaling, tailgate excessively, and blow through stop signs and red lights as if they were not there. These are considered to be different forms of negligence, and these drivers should be held liable for their actions.

What To Do If You Have Been in An Auto Accident

The Taylor Law Firm is here to help clients who have been injured in an auto accident. If you are a victim of someone’s negligence, dangerous driving, or intoxicated driving, then call our office today to speak to an attorney: (713) 487-5134.

You may also use the contact form on this page to send us an email about your situation.

Our main goal is to help you and your family recover from this accident. We will use all of our knowledge and experience to ensure that the responsible party is held liable and that you are made whole to the fullest extent possible. Call the Taylor Law Firm today.

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