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Houston’s Worst Reasons For Car Accidents Ever!

When I enrolled in law school many years ago, I never thought I was going to become so familiar with the horrors of car accident injuries and fatalities.

Every day I’m confronted with broken limbs,  or clients who will live with back pain for the rest of their lives…and those are the lucky ones.

Some of my clients will never see their child again because of something as stupid as a text message or an updated social media status.

I am sick of it.

Rasheed Taylor is an auto accident lawyer in Houston | (713) 487-5134

car accident attorney in houstonToo many times I find myself in the middle of a car accident lawsuit and I know without a doubt that the entire thing was completely preventable.

Nobody had to die, nobody needed to lose an arm or a leg…the entire “accident” was 100% avoidable.

So, here are 3 of the absolute most ridiculous reasons to ever get into an auto accident in Houston…

#3 – Road Rage

Is there anyone in this city who hasn’t realized that Houston has traffic congestion almost constantly?

Who in the heck still freaks out during traffic? Is it a SURPRISE to you?

Have you spent the last 10 years under a rock? It’s Houston…we have traffic. Get over it.

1,114 Texas Crashes were attributed to road rage in 2014; Six fatal, and 23 incapacitating. People are literally being killed because someone hasn’t figured out how to control their temper in traffic.

Like most Houstonians, I despise traffic jams. I avoid Highway 290 at all costs. But every time I’m tempted to lose my cool in traffic, I remember how one moment of road rage can affect someone’s life forever.

Let’s all agree to just chill out and live the next time we’re stuck in traffic or get cut off by someone. It’s just not worth it.

#2 – Text Messaging


The next time you’re cruising down the 610 Loop, take a moment to notice how many drivers around you are splitting time between the road and their cell phone screen.

You will be shocked!

TxDot attributed 3,423 crashes to cell phone use in 2014, 51 of them were fatal, 151 were incapacitating.

If you kill someone because you were sending a text message, you will live with that forever. You will never forget that moment or that text message. It will haunt you forever.

All of us have loved ones and family members on Houston’s roadways. So let’s all agree to #putdownthephoneanddrive.

#1 – Driving While Intoxicated

In 2014, TxDot attributed

  • 9,599 crashes to “Had Been Drinking,” 232 of which were fatal…679 were incapacitating…
  • 14,578 crashes to “Under Influence – Alcohol,” 593 were fatal…1,085 were incapacitating…
  • 3,557 crashes to “Under Influence – Drug,” 231 were fatal…284 were incapacitating.

These number are insane.

1,503 fatal crashes because of alcohol or drugs. We have to do something about this!


I love this city. I made it my home and built a career here. Every lawyer in this town is lucky to have such a great place to practice in.

Just can’t stand to see my clients, and friends, and family constantly put in danger on the Texas roadways because of accidents caused by text messaging, road rage, and DWI. It’s all senseless, it’s all 100% avoidable.

Drive safe Houston.

Rasheed Taylor is a personal injury attorney in Houston. Personal Injury | Car Accidents | Free case evaluation (713) 487-5134, taylortxlaw@gmail.com.

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